Zoom Video Conferencing App | Is It Still Safe To Use !

Zoom video conferencing app now a days getting lots of controversies from the different media houses and government departments for involving in selling of user data. The MHA(Ministry Of Home Affairs) has now issued an advisory warning people about using the video conferencing app Zoom as the government says that it compromises data safety and has issued guidelines for those who still want to use the app. As per the latest updates, the advisory that has been issued from the government clearly stating that Zoom is not a safe platform and that those private individuals who still use zoom for private purposes may kindly do so but by strictly adhering to the guidelines

In the given times considering everyone is literally working from home, Zoom is a very widely used app for personal and professional purposes as it can have a lot of callers come in on one call at the same time. All official members associated with any of the Departments of the central government have been debarred from using Zoom for any type of video conferencing. The government is also, according to updates from sources, coming up with its own social networking platform for video conferencing which will have all the appropriate features. This step is taken from the news outbreak that Zoom is allegedly selling all the data to several different international players in the international markets which have made it a grave point of national concern and security.

There are already several countries companies have also issued similar advisories regarding the Zoom platform, whether it’s Germany, Taiwan, or Singapore. The Singapore government had issued a statement that no classes can be conducted on this video conferencing app. Even Taiwan has said similarly that there have been huge concerns regarding the same. Most of the virtual meetings and top-level government communications take place via their own secure lines but as per many officials, the government is using it as an inter-government communicating tool. There are several other platforms that people can resort to like WebEx and Skype. Though let’s just admit that it is not as accessible with a whole lot of features like Zoom does as a video conferencing app.

As far as the government work is concerned about this Zoom issue, the officials have given detailed step by step guidelines as to even if a private individual wants to use Zoom. A lot of students have been resorting to using video conferencing apps now that the classes have shifted to online platforms. This sudden onset post the COVID 19 lockdown situation has seen an in a surge of more than 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

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