Coming in as the successor to MI smart Band 5, the Xiaomi MI Band 5 as Xiaomi MI Smart Band 5 as it is called outside China. MI Band 4 was a highly sold fitness tracker from mid 2019 that was highly sought for with the wide range of options that is surely not available on the other trackers in the market at such a low price tag. Post a wide range of time that went into rumors and speculations about the about to be released MI Band 5, it has been announced by Xiaomi and by the looks of it on paper; it looks as a perfect successor to the previous MI band 4. It has almost all the same features in the core as the MI Band 4 with specific upgrades in the most prime features like sleep tracking and screen.

What is Xiaomi MI Band 5?

Termed as the best fitness tracker under budget from Xiaomi till date, the MI Band 5 was announced across globally on June 11th and is expected to hit stores by July end. The announcement of the MI Band 5 came in exactly a year after the launch of its predecessor MI Band 4. Though MI Band is made available in China by June end, it was announced on the official Twitter page of Xiaomi that it will be made available in the markets in the rest of the areas by July end.

Pricing of the product

By far the price for the new fitness tracker has been decided only in China with its price starting from 189 Chinese Yuan (around 25 dollars) for the version that comes without NFC (for making countless payments), and it increases up to 229 Chinese Yuan (around 30 dollars) for the versions that come with NFC. The price might be a little on the higher side in the other regions but that is not expected to be too much. Like the earlier fitness tracker, MI Band 4 which was priced at around 40 dollars during it launch, the Xiaomi MI Band 5 is also likely to go up to that price upon its availability in the markets.

MI Band 5 design and features

It is similar to MI Band 4 in terms of the design along with an oblong shaped tracker put into a vibrant strap. The basic model weighs around 11.9 g and around 12.1 for the version that comes with NFC. The AMOLED display has been upgraded to 1.1 inch in this fitness tracker that is 20% more than the 0.95 screen in MI Band 4, meaning more space to play with. The brightness on the screen has increased from 400 nits on MI Band 4 to 450 nits in MI Band 5 and like the earlier fitness tracker, it also has a button just beneath the screen and the display itself is a touch screen. The button functions to turn on the device and return back to the previous screen.

The MI Band 5 is available with a 125 m Ah battery which is claimed by Xiaomi to provide backup up to 14 days at a stretch which is 6 days less than what it used to provide with MI Band 4. The chipset in MI Band 5is faster, more in the NFC models and has 16 MB of storage space, Bluetooth 5.0 version and RAM of 512 kB.

The most attractive feature in this is it also houses a barometer in it for measuring atmospheric pressure. It is waster resistant up to 50 meters and has 11 sport modes inbuilt in it and has a 24*7 heart rate monitor that keeps tabs on your heart activity.

The MI Band also has a sleep tracking feature that tracks the hours you spend in REM sleep along with a step tracker too which keeps a PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) record.

The Final Recommendation

To wrap it up, this device is definitely a worthwhile upgrade from its predecessor and is a clear winner in terms of a fitness tracker. Though we did not find the GPS tracker feature in this, we are sure the rest of the features make up for it.


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