Apple has done something huge! Over the past decade, smartphones have been the most common computing device within most users. We can do almost anything through our phones, but we haven’t quite found a replacement for a laptop. But, what if it’s here? This year, Apple’s WWDC – WorldWide Developers Conference – has announced new features of the iPadOS 14 that can replace your need for a laptop in minutes. Last year, the iPadOS was just one update away from making it replaceable as a laptop, and that update is finally here! Below is a list of the new features that Apple has announced for the all new iPadOS 14. 

Scribble, by Apple:

Apple Pencil Support:

The Apple Pencil Support is one of the biggest new additions that Apple has made on their iPadOS. “Scribble” is the new feature that allows you to write on the iPad in any writing field. It then converts it into typed text. Scribble is compatible with any app which includes writing some form of a text like Safari searches, Reminders, Messages. When you make a mistake while writing, you can ‘scribble’ it out to remove it. To highlight or select a word, just circle it! How neat is that? Scribble is great for people who use the Apple Pencil on a regular basis. Before, you would have to put the pencil down in order to perform things like copying, pasting, highlighting, selecting or making searches on browsers. Now, you can do all of it without even putting the pencil down and having to change to the keyboard. Pretty convenient right? Almost as convenient as a laptop. If not, more!

Language and Handwriting:

As of now, Scribble can recognise and respond to two languages including English and Chinese. Later in the future, it is possible that Apple will program more languages onto Scribble so it can be all inclusive. Scribble has the amazing characteristic of understanding all types of handwriting and turning them into text. However, it is not yet an expert at interpreting cursive writing. 

Shape and Data Recognition Features:

In this feature, Apple allows you to draw rough shapes like squares or circles, then turns them into a perfectly drawn computed image. Also, when you write down things like emails, phone numbers or any addresses, Scribble makes it clickable, just like a standard typed data. Writing down a reminder will take you to the Reminders app and autofill the data for you. This is definitely laptop replacement material. 

Scribble as an addition to Notes:

In the toolbar on the notes app, the iPadOS 14 update has made available a pencil with an ‘A’ on it, as shown in the picture above. This is one you will need to click in order to use the Apple Pencil on the notes app. Notes is fully Scribble compatible, but it gives you a great platform to write your stuff in. This probably saves you even more time than it would if you had a laptop. With this Apple update, everything is available at the touch of your fingertips / Apple pencil tip.

Here is a video that gives you demonstration on how to use Scribble efficiently: 

Apple Widgets:

Widgets are an entirely new feature on the iPad, which brings it one step closer to being the MacBook, and one step closer to replacing your laptop. However, Apple has only made widgets available in landscape mode due to the abundance of space. Some examples of the widgets include Calendar, Stocks and Weather. These widgets come in our three standard sizes; small, medium and large. 

Smart Stack:

Along with Widgets, Apple has released a new feature called smart stack. With this feature, you will be able to stack your widgets, one on top of the other. Siri decides which widget from the stack should be at the top of the stack for you to see it, based on the current situation. Example, if there is a severe drop in the stocks, Siri will make the stocks widget visible at the top of the stack. If an earthquake happened somewhere in the world, the news app would be visible. Siri decides this based on the relevancy of the information you need to know in the given time of the day. You can stack up to 10 widgets on top of each other, which makes it pretty suitable. 



The app now allows you to view the lyrics of the song so that you can sing along to all your favourite songs! It is also timed with the actual song, kind of like a karaoke machine. The ‘Listen Now’ category is now the perfect mix for you, altered specifically for your taste or style of music. 


The Photos app has been made better by categorising being even more efficient than ever. You will be able to access it quickly, and the categories are editable. This means you can change the order that these categories are listed in. The zooming and use of filters, adding text and captions to photos, memories relevant to you have become more proficient.


ARKit – Augmented Reality – where you can interact with the world around you through your device, has just become better. This is one of the things that even your laptop cannot do. iPadOS 14 has made their in-depth precision more accurate. Apple claims that this better version of ARKit will take video editing to a whole new level, along with virtual try ons. This feature allowed you to capture accurate body measurements too.

Apple Gaming:

Apple has added a full mouse, keyboard and trackpad support for gaming to become a possibility on the iPad. This is just one more reason for this iPad is totally laptop replaceable! This addition opens a whole new door to what people can do with this amazing device. iPadOS 14 also adds motion sensing, zone-based rumble haptics, and other controller compatibility. 

Overall, I strongly believe that the new update will definitely be able to replace your need for a laptop, for good! It might be a difficult transition to go from a laptop to an iPad but one that it worth the effort. A device like this iPad is a mixture of features that we have never experienced before as users. But, it sounds like our day to day activities using technology is about to become a whole lot easier with the iPadOS 14.


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