Why there is a white spot formed on my Phone’s Screen?

Do we understand the meaning of the word “Constant“?

Yes, we do but it appears that Technology has not adopted this word in its dictionary because it is changing every day. New patents are being filed by the companies taking the applied science to another level. We see smartphones are getting fold, can able to see through an object… That’s a heavy implementation of science.

Today we are not going to talk about the inventions or any related topic. What my main concern is, “What is formed, it has to destruct someday!”

I have been using my phone ( Prefer not to disclose the model :\ ) for two years and now I see a white spot appeared on the right side nearer to the volume button. It all started to expand from this —

After 2 weeks… ( Don’t see the beauty, it took an hour for me to find the right picture and then capture it! )

And finally to this…

The question is, “Was I too harsh towards my phone, or is this a defect?

Some folks say there was a grain of sand right where the spot was appearing…
Some people thought it as a screen bleeding problem but it is not the case, cause in screen bleeding, the backlight of the LCD Panel will appear pale from the edge of the screen in the affected area.

Well, I searched a lot about it and found that these are damaged pixels that caused due to accidental pressure or it is damaged to the light diffuser layer of the LCD. In that particular area, the diffuser layer is thinner, leaking light and creating uneven lightning that I’m experiencing.

So, is there any solution?

The actual answer is NO as it is not a software problem. Either you have to replace the LCD (i.e way too costly that you can think of buying a new phone instead) or you can apply some wallpapers that might hide this spot just like I did.

You can apply any of dark wallpapers, it will hide the spot like shown above. Make sure to turn on Dark Mode on the phone and apps to experience the same everywhere. Also, it will help you make fool to the customers if you plan to sell it.

Hope you enjoyed reading, Stay tuned for more…


  1. Informative and informative article with less words. I am looking forward for more and more articles. Full support and love ♥️


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