With the advent of Drones technology, a large number of companies in the world have started to incorporate this technology in different applications. The best use of this technology is done by an Australian company named Biocarbon Engineering that has found its wonderful usefulness in the agricultural industry. This is world’s first remarkable invention that will surely change the way seeds are planted in the future.

Today, we shall have an insight of all the details about how Biocarbon Engineering is giving a new life to the forests:

What is Biocarbon Engineering?

Biocarbon Engineering is a technology company first developed in the UK, for planting the trees by using drones to dispense or disperse seed pods from the air across the large areas. The drone technology disperses the seeds from the air and from the distance the seeds are dispersed in the large areas very easily thus reducing the human power. This technology is a perfect example of a technology harnessed for environmental, social and economic welfare. This process is more effective than the traditional method of planting seeds. Moreover, Worldwide International Foundation is working towards investing huge amounts of money for the upliftment and growth of biocarbon engineering all over India.

How Biocarbon Engineering is using Drones to implement Forest reforestation?

As we know that Biocarbon Engineering works on the principle of drone technology. Nowadays, the drone is used for a plethora of uses. The main purpose to use this technology is to scale up the level of reforestation by using drones to plant a billion trees per year.

But how it is done and what is the technology behind that. Here is the whole concept explained in the detail.

So, in Biocarbon Engineering, drone technology is used in order to scale or boost the reforestation. The core work of the drone is to spread seeds or disperse them across massive or large areas. For this, an area is identified and the drone gets data and 3-D maps of the area which is to be reforested.

Many people will agree that usually, technology reduces the manpower so the same drone technology reduces the manpower. This technology is around 10 times better than the traditional method of planting. Do you know, only one drone can carry 150 seed pots and spreading them at the rate of one seed per second? It an only about the speed. Imagine planting trees with drones which are cheaper, faster and on a scale that has not been previously used before. The primary objective behind all this is ecosystem restoration, conservation, and sustainable land use.

The planting drones disperse or spread biodegradable seed pots at 120 per minute So, if we compare this technology with the traditional method, it not only saves our time and let us plant more and more trees. If two operators are occupied with the drones, then the drones will plant 4,00,000 trees per year. Such a big figure it is.

In comparison to the hand, planting is the most common method and it is more slow, expensive and labor intensive. But the drones, are not that much expensive, they only need one-time investment.

The main work of the drone is to fire out or disperse the seeds, so since this, the advanced and unique technology the seeds get germinated and filled with nutrients in the ground. The most important thing is that spreading seeds which should be done properly with the help of biocarbon technology, the drones must target the seeds at the correct places with enough space.

But technology has also its own demerits. Before using this technique, you have to take care of the climate as well because this technology does not work in the wind as the seeds will also blow away. This technology also helps people in the community continue to get highest-paid, in more technical jobs. The drone technology is very useful in planting up to around 1 lakh trees per day and then they will be able to plant an additional 1 million trees over 620 hectares in a fraction of time. The drones will free up labor or reduce the labor work to some extent for taking care of seedlings and monitoring their growth. Fedorenko said that “ The crucial part of the ecosystem restoration project is not only about planting trees but it is also the post-planting monitoring and management.

Conclusion :

The only thing explained is its motivation which is to rise up the level of deforestation globally. It is also done for sustainability. So, in order to solve the problem of climate change – Biocarbon technology is used and hence it reduces the manpower. Unlike the traditional method, it saves your time and money both and eventually scales or boosts up the leverage of the reforestation. Bicarbonate Engineering is a perfect combination of technological advancement and environment up-gradation by using drones as a medium for bringing improvement in society.


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