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The latest buzz is that Apple iOS14 has finally launched the iOS14 and it has changed the whole set of features that were present in Apple’s operating system. There are a lot of these that many would find similar to the ones available in Android phones who have had the same components over time.

Well needless to say that in this eternal cycle of software platforms, most tog the features from Android would be influenced by iOS at some point in time and the upcoming versions of iOS would end up having Android features from Google. Let us go and check the features in iOS that we find out to have striking resemblances to Android.

Home Screen Widgets

Credits: iSpazio

One of the most astonishing resemblances that caught our attention and hence brought it up in the list over anything else is the widgets that are available on the home screen. For the first time in the history of Apple, the static home screen of iOS is finally upgraded where Apple is allowing its users t add widgets of the most frequently used apps on the home screen. Having widgets on the screen was one of the prime things that differed Android from iOS and it’s a feature Google has maintained in its services since its inception.

ListView of Applications

Credits: PhoneArena

Similar to the app drawer in Google, Apple has created its own version of the App Library where all the apps are listed on the screen. But it is different in the way that instead of the straight list of apps as present in Android, Apple’s App Library sorts all the apps into different categories.

Third-Party Apps

Credits: The Mac Observer

Something that was present only in the Android devices, Apple now would allow its users to choose their own preferred apps over the default operating system apps like Safari. There is a catch though- you might have to use Apple Music and Apple Maps in some cases still.

Voice Assistant and Calls

Credits: Yahoo

Like as Google Assistant works in Android where the results asked for appearing on the top of the screen instead of covering the whole screen, Apple has a new view where Siri would appear as a small icon at the bottom of the screen. Also similar to the one on Android, Apple has a new compact design that does not allow incoming calls from blocking the whole screen.

 Revised Maps

Credits: AppleInsider

Everyone is familiar with the craze Google Maps has and Apple Naps has been trying very hard to reach up to that level and this new iOS update has brought it to the level of the Google Maps. The new Apple Maps has added a cycling feature that consists of all the details including routes, stairs, and elevation. But this version is only functional in certain prominent cities in the world like New York, Shanghai and Beijing, Los Angeles and San Francisco.


Credits: 9to5mac

Similar to Google Translate in Android, Apple’s version also allows users to use spoken and typed phrases alike in the Translate app along with extending support to Safari for translating complete web pages. Though the count of languages on Apple is limited till eleven, iOS plans to extend the count soon enough.

Picture- in- Picture mode

Credits: IOS Gadget Hacks

Though it has been there for a long time in Apple devices, this 2020 iOS review has a proper picture-in-picture mode like in Android where videos can be played simultaneously on top of what you are already watching. This picture-in-picture mode also supports FaceTime calls that allow you to continue talking and communicating even when your FaceTime app is not opened on the foreground.

Password alerts

Credits: TechCrunch

These features has been brought into the scene through Android phones by Google towards the end of the last year where users on the devices are notified whenever a password that they have used has been compromised in a data breach.  Apple has also getting Safari its own version of the password alert feature in Chrome. In ways more than one, it was brought to our notice that iOS has followed a lot of features that were integrated into the Android world and generated its own versions of them.

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