The banning of 59 Chinese apps including the likes of Tiktok and Shein from the Google Play Store App in India by the Indian government has been creating a lot of buzzes lately. ALL these popular apps have been banned as per the press release for engaging in activities which is prejudicial to sovereignty and security of the state and public order. Now, according to the sources from the statement released from Tiktok, there is an interim order and the banned apps will be given a chance to respond to the government’s concerns. But there is a lot of talk going around what are the substitute apps that you can use in place of Tiktok, Share it, and Cam Scanner. And there are quite a few alternatives you can use instead of the apps that have been banned by the Indian government.

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So if you’re looking for substitutes for video-making apps like Tiktok and Vigo, there’s always the Indian option Metro that has recently picked up because of the Tiktok ban. There is also another app called Chingari that amassed about 2.5 million downloads on the Google Play Store now. It was launched back in 2018 but because of the anti-China sentiments, the app is garnering a lot of attention to it. These are two options that you can use instead of Tiktok.

There is also another platform called Share Chat which has more than 60 million downloads which you can use for making short video content. Share app is based out of India and it offers content in 15 regional languages which is great. In short, if you want the same port at UI or the tools similar to what you get in Vivo Video, you can use Dubsmash which has more features like a multi-device timeline. All the video editing tools are different with various effects and transitions.

As for transferring lots of files together at a single go, people have been using Share It since it was launch on the Google Play store. Banning the app has taken a hit among the people who have been heavily dependent on the app. But there is a better alternative available which a lot of people have already been using- Files by Google. Share All and Send Anywhere are two other Indian apps that you can have a look at.  Snap drop is another web-based that works on basically any platform.

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Many people are speculating if there would be any app as good as Cam Scanner has been because people have been using it to convert a lot of documents into PNGs, PDFs, and JPEGs all in one place so easily and smoothly. But fret not, for the alternatives to Cam Scanner, you have Microsoft Office Lens and well as Adobe Scanner. For people using iOS, you already have a default camera scanner in the Notes application so you can also use that so you don’t have to use Cam Scanner. There is also Google Drive which has a simple scan feature that not many people know about.

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As for web browsers, there have been long a lot of better alternatives to UC browser like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. For iOS users, Apple has Safari as the system default web browser. There are also a lot of alternatives to hide photos and videos. One such app is Keep Safe. Keep Safe uses high-end encryption which is the same protocol used in many banking apps. It has great features like phase down auto-lock, encrypted backups, trash recovery, and breaking alerts.

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Now attending to the question that is doing a lot of rounds on different media platforms across the internet globally is what is the alternative app for Club Factory and most importantly, Shein? Shein is a multinational brand that is followed and sought by millions of people around the world for their amazing collection of female attires and female accessories. Till any store specifically for women dresses and female accessories come up, People in India have to make do with the likes of Flipkart, Amazon, and Myntra. It would also be beneficial for the e-commerce sites if they seize this opportunity to up their game and create something to fill in the vacancy caused due to the ban on Shein.

India Bans TikTok And 58 Other Chinese Apps Over Data Privacy Concerns


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