Airborne Coronavirus -The new pandemic fear?

The world presently is haunted by the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic that has brought all lives at a standstill. There are already so many ongoing implications and awareness regarding the modes of transmission and also the precautions that are required to be followed to stop the spreading of this coronavirus.

But there’s something that is perhaps, even more, worrying hundreds of scientists. Recent evidence says that novel coronavirus could be airborne and particles in smaller particles in the air can infect people. WHO are asked to revise their recommendations regarding this sudden metamorphosis in the pandemic spread. The WHO has said that the disease spreads by primarily from person to person through small droplets from the nose or mouth when a person with COVID 19 either coughs or sneezes. In an open letter to the WHO, the researchers say they plan to publish their findings in a scientific journal. They are outlining evidence showing smaller particles can, in fact, infect people. There have been no reports from the WHO recently regarding this issue at hand. Scientists all over the world from many different disciplines are researching the possibility of airborne transmission and affirmed aerosol transmission as one of the modes of transmission of COVID 19 as well as through droplets. This is a respiratory pathogen which makes it important to know what fits into the guidance. Comprehensive research is already undergoing on determining the package of interventions that are required to stop the transmission.

As quoted by a famous scientist, the distinction between a droplet and airborne is very hazy and ambiguous which can be explained by the complex equation of the Wells evaporation. In a nutshell, the Wells evaporation curve says that as the droplet containing the virus falls to the ground, depending on the humidity and the wind velocity it evaporates to become lighter even before it hits the ground. And when it’s light enough, it can be airborne.

In terms of India’s fight against coronavirus, there is a steady rise in the number of people with coronavirus. Many international agencies are now reporting that as many as 239 scientists are now saying that Coronavirus could be airborne and it is increasing day by day. India is now 3rd in the world list for countries with the maximum number of coronavirus cases globally. People are more frightened now in such a scenario where the increase in the count is not slowing down and COVID 19 started spreading being airborne too. It’s not going to be long until India overtakes Brazil after Russia to take the second position and come close to the United States which is by far, the country with the maximum number of affected cases in the world now. Thiruvananthapuram from today going into a one-week triple lockdown as it’s been called so a 3-tier lockdown. Needless to accept that easing of lockdown restrictions is not going to happen anytime soon and more and more places could go under lockdown again.


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